About Us

S3 Corporation’s Mission

It is the mission and duty of S3 Corporation to harness the combined decades long expertise, knowledge and capabilities of the highly skilled men and women within our organization and put forth security programs, solutions, and strategies that will slowly change the tide of the crimes and terrorist acts that are slowly destroying our civilized society.

Foundations in National Security and Public Service

All of S3 Corporation security consultants are comprised of world class anti-terrorism and counterterrorism professionals. The majority of consultants being federally trained law enforcement personnel, or former CIA and U.S. Military Special Operations personnel.  Those who serve within S3 Corporation have spent decades honing their individual or multi-disciplined skills enabling us to take the fight to the criminal element by putting in place hard won proven security methodologies and protocols that are enhanced by our companies’ innovation and burning desire to ensure the preservation of life, and the continued success of each client organization and facilities.

S3 Corporation’s Leadership Team   

Every member of the S3 Corporation leadership team is an Executive Manager and a PRINCIPAL consultant, ensuring that they have an active and engaged leadership role in serving our clients, and providing the solutions they expect. 

Managing Partner & Executive Director: Mr. Bobby L. Sheppard is a security professional with 22 years of Anti-terrorism and intelligence expertise. Mr. Sheppard’s career within law enforcement and security extends into a twenty-year career protecting high-level government officials and securing some of the most high-risk facilities in the world.  Mr. Sheppard received the majority of his training and experience as a Federal Police Officer with the U.S. Capitol Police and later as a Security Officer and Counterterrorism Analyst serving with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.  Mr. Sheppard has also worked for Fortune 500 companies as a defense contractor and Senior Consultant and understands the unique client requirements to be considered in Government contracting,  and Consulting. Mr. Sheppard manages the firms day to day and is the innovative force behind the firms security programs. Mr. Sheppard has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Cyber Security.

Senior Partner: Jay D. Anderson is a security professional with a combined 30 years of law enforcement and military special operations expertise. Mr. Anderson is a highly skilled military operator currently serving with U.S. Special Operation Forces as an active Sr. Chief Warrant Officer with the 20th Special Forces Group Army National Guard. Mr. Anderson has also worked as a federal police officer and special agent in his civilian career for more than 17 years. As a Special Forces soldier Mr. Anderson served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Afghanistan, IRAQ and Central America. Mr. Anderson oversees the operational “white board” teams and ensures client fulfillment throughout our security firm. Additionally, Mr. Anderson received the Bronze Star for being the key operator in bringing in a “High Value Individual” during his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).