OSINT for Business

At S3 Corporation we say classified information isn’t useful unless you can connect it to the open source information happening all around you and in “real-time” on the ground. 

The truth is, everything starts out as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) at some point in time; it has to be sifted through the institutional grinder of the Intelligence Community to be classified as something other than “open” for it to remain open. However, the amount of information able to be consumed in this modern 21st century age, is all too voluminous and deriving from too many sources to be quantified as restricted or “classified”.  Therefore, if an “official” source seeking or coming upon the information (i.e. the military/ intelligence agencies etc.)  are also driving the collection of that information, or has a part of the information already in their control than it can be deemed as classified.  However, if those parameters are not in place (generally), then we can consider that information as from “OPEN” sources, which may be valuable enough to be called intelligence.

OSINT Analysis for Your Business

At S3 Corporation we focus on supporting those enterprise companies that have an evolving Global Security and or Intelligence apparatus and are seeking to have world-class intelligence analysis, protecting their personnel, property and assets.  

Due to the fact that most of our consultants are also experts in Anti-terrorism and Counterterrorism operations/analysis, we can provide your organization with the most useful OSINT analysis, and Threat Assessments possible. Ensuring that company leadership remains aware and able to make high-impact and effective decisions that will influence the strength, resiliency and ultimately the long-term success of your organization.

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