S3 National Security Assessments

S3 National Security Assessments are provided to give both tactical and strategic assessments on transnational issues facing the United States and its allies. S3 Intelligence Analyst provides an open source based intelligence assessment taking into consideration both current and past actions initiated by the target countries or specific threat actors.

We deliver both tactical and strategic reports and combine open source information with relevant law enforcement actions, as well as utilize the vast empirical knowledge and perspectives of our seasoned S3 Intelligence Analyst. 

S3 Corporation provides monthly reports on the following National Security topics:

Terrorism – S3 focuses on developing tactical and strategic reporting on terrorist attacks around the world and reports specifically on whether there is a nexus tied to the United States directly and interprets what it means. 

Counterintelligence – S3 provides open source information and recent news stories that have hostile foreign influence indications (HFII), explains what it could mean and what can possibly be done about it. 

Cybersecurity – S3 examines and interprets the latest cyber attacks and puts them into layman terms. Explaining to our readers, what these attacks did, how they affected or could affect the attacked location/organization, and what it could mean long-term for the citizens, organizations and the United States. 

Public Safety – S3 provides expertise and dialogue about domestic crimes, protests, and threat issues facing the United States internally and how they may pose a national security threat, and danger to the safety of our citizens short and long-term.