Workplace Violence Defense

S3 Corporation is a forward thinking, results-focused security consulting firm. We help FORTUNE 500 companies create workplace violence programs that anticipate violent issues that may arise among personnel as well as devise active shooter programs for school systems and high-traffic event areas. 

S3 Workplace Violence Defense Expertise  

S3 Corporation consultants are highly trained in Force Protection, Counterterrorism Analysis/Operations and Surveillance. We find that there is not enough PRIOR preparation for a crisis event such as an active shooter for most organizations and institutions who may have protocols in place for such an event.

What should be understood is that any deranged and dangerous person with intent to kill who enters school grounds, places of business or any other institutional environment, is still susceptible to being deterred and if necessary neutralized (incapacitated or death) to mitigate the threat.

S3 Corporation prepare companies for this eventuality with a multitude of Force Protection based policies and implemented standards borne out of protecting some of the most important and impactful facilities and personnel in the world.

To defend against workplace violence we analyze the following  7 factors: 

  1. Client Threat Environment (Vulnerabilities and Areas of Control)
  2. Client Communication and Policies
  3. Client Emergency Leadership Protocol
  4. Client Relationship with outside Law enforcement
  5. Internal & External security capabilities
  6. Resource Officer capability and/or Presence
  7. Non-lethal Active Shooter Counter-Measures (S3 Corporation Proprietary)

All of these areas working together properly can create a highly secure and prepared environment for an Active Shooter if the threat should arise.

School Resource Officer (SRO) program

No teacher should be burdened daily with BOTH the education of their students and the responsibility of saving or taking of a life. 

Bobby L. Sheppard

S3 Corporation’s ‘School Resource Officer (SRO) program, is designed to hire and train school personnel in high-level Force Protection, techniques, and capabilities that are far beyond that of the normal security guard.

The SRO program is also able to train incumbent SRO’s in the force protection capabilities and techniques of the program. Additionally, SRO’s adhere to school code and not are under the auspices of the state or local government the same way as normal security guards and those rules are adhered too and utilized to its maximum effectiveness for each school.

S3 Corporation trains SRO personnel in some of the following:

  • Basic and Advance Evacuation Procedures
  • Threat Recognition based on Behavioral Cues
  • Basic Investigation Techniques
  • Basic Surveillance Detection Techniques
  • Improvised Explosive Device Familiarization
  • Basic Conflict Resolution
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Close Quarters Battle (Optional and upon request)